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Does working with businesses & entrepreneurs excite you?
Are you passionate about being a part of a mission that’s BIGGER than you?
Because this role requires someone who deeply analyzes and
understands businesses.
We work with entrepreneurs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and
larger corporations) who are hungry for growth, scale & profit. And your
role will be to work with them and equip them with strategic & functional
inputs which will take their business to the next level.

Job type- Full time

Age- Between 25 – 40 years

Location– Bangalore

Academic qualification- Any graduate/post graduate.

Experience desired– Minimum 5 years of experience, preferably from
a training/coaching background. Entrepreneurial or business experience
would be a definite plus.
Also, the candidate should be open to travel on work during weekends.
(Compensatory off will be provided)

Desired Skills
Should be excited about working with business owners and
join a high performance team on a mission to impact lives
Knowledge of diverse business areas and fields
Well versed with technology (basic proficiency would be required)
Critical thinker
Excellent written & verbal communication, interpersonal and
presentation skills.
Must be an attentive listener
Aptitude to grasp new concepts, understanding, & comprehending
complex business situations and effectively produce results
Exceptional problem-solving skills – an analytical, innovative,
and creative mindset
Should view themselves as a catalyst/change maker
Confidence and maturity to work with senior executives
Must possess the ability to learn, unlearn & adapt to a fast-paced
Should have the ability to give and receive feedback as a lot of
feedback will need to be shared with business owners and the coach
would also receive feedback in multiple ways.

Task and Responsibilites
Follow the prescribed coaching template and handhold entrepreneurs
through the journey of helping them take their business to the next level
Collect as much information about the client's business as possible
Provide strategic direction in the areas of all business functions
Developing detailed Business plans to drive changes and improvements
Promote and advocate a culture of continuous improvement, setting
goals and milestones and being accountable for them
Adhere to all internal reporting norms like coaching tracker, meeting
schedules, etc
Be a part of all internal training programs and coach review meetings for
professional and personal development.
Facilitating group coaching interactions with business owners
Fostering a culture of change within the business
Assessing effectiveness of changes
Develop and present a plan to implement the recommended changes
Attend all required front and backend programs, and act on all such
activities like going through webinars, shadowing other coaches,
being shadowed during the initial stages in order to familiarise
oneself with the content completely

Please note, the candidate may be asked to prepare
a business presentation as part of the selection process.




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