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About the company:
Founded by entrepreneur Rajiv Dingra, RD&X Network is a technology company offering transformational martech, adtech, and deep tech products and solutions to drive creative, media, data, and business transformation, helping global businesses become real-time, disruptive, and thereby achieve exponential growth. We are a geography agnostic, hybrid work culture, and agile company which is focused on a forward-looking work culture. We have some of the best industry talents on board and we identify ourselves as Transformists. We believe that transformation is not just for business, but for our people too. To know more, visit www.rdandx.com
To know about the products that we are building, you can take a quick glance at our website: www.rebid.co
Our Team:
We are a small, focused, and collaborative team
New members quickly take on responsibility of larger parts of the application
While your focus may be on one part of our technology stack, we know that engineers love to learn, and we encourage you to continue to learn all of our tools
• Develop responsive UI screens for our Programmatic Ad Tech Platform
• Optimize the UI screens to allow loading of large volume of data within seconds
• Develop UI application which can be scaled out in multi region, multi-currency and support multiple time zones
• Integrate the UI with different Micro Services and perform validations before submitting the code
• Develop and Test new features and functionalities for our Programmatic Ad Tech Platform
• Work with UI/UX team to determine the technical feasibility of wireframes (UI/UX) designs
• Work with Manager and other team member to implement new features as well as integrate with backend services
• Write and Execute Unit Test cases as well as documentation for the system
• Able to work on Agile methodologies and prioritise tasks between multiple sprints at a time.
• Able to communicate with key stakeholders on understand the requirements and deliver the solutions
Should have:
i. 2-6 years of working experience.
ii. Experience of Backbone and Vue.js is must
iii. Experience of JavaScript/CSS/HTML or any JavaScript framework is desirable
iv. Experience on working with micro services is must
v. Should have knowledge of Jenkins, Gradle and Git
vi. Should have a bachelors degree in any field preferably Computer Science or IT
vii. Able to deliver under pressure with good work ethics and attitude
viii. Able to work remotely under minimum supervision and deliver results
ix. Willingness to learn new technology/domain




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