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Capital Structure Project Senior Associate Job Description We are looking for a talented and highly motivated individuals interested to make a career in area of Debt structure analysis based on debt documents/ financial reports publicly released by corporate entities. In this role as a financial analyst, the candidate has to source all documents related to all debt tranches reported by the issuer on a report date, their funding structure and analyze related covenants like amortization schedule, guarantees and collaterals. The analyst will perform specified waterfall analysis by assessing related covenant protection, debtholder’s mutual rights and priorities, and any specific clauses/provisions which could impact the risk/return profile of such debt instrument. Provide detailed amortization presenting the payment schedule of all the debt tranches. Adjusting certain items to debt as per client instruction. Create Group Chart representing the hierarchy and mapping guarantees in a Chart. Key Responsibilities:  The candidate should be committed to achieve team goals and take full responsibility towards his work accuracy and timelines given and should communicate any issues promptly;  Work on detailed capital structure in excel and web-based tool for entities allotted;  Maintenance of log and timesheets.  Be open to any other new work or assistance as required by client/ seniors. Qualifications/Experience Required  Have completed Masters in Business Administration (Finance)/M. Com or equivalent qualification in Finance/FRM’s/CFA’s. Preferably fresher or 0-1 years of relevant experience Key Skills Required  Excellent communication and organizational skills.  Demonstrated initiative, enthusiasm, and ability to learn quickly and excel as part of a dynamic team.  Attention to detail and ability to work and learn independently  Solid quantitative skills and analytical problem-solving ability  Professional, pro-active, flexible, diligent and dependable Information Security Responsibility  Maintain Confidentiality and Integrity of organization information.  Adhere to prescribed Infosec requirement.




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