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Job ID: AnG – 1086




Job Title:

Talent Management Head


HRM & Administration Report to:
Department Head- HRM & Administration

Purpose of Job:
Responsible to shape and implement the strategies that will help to develop and retain talent

Job Responsibilities:
Organizational development
⮚ Create Organization structure and define the OKRs for departments/roles
⮚ Design and implement the policy and process
⮚ Identify the skills gaps to develop and retain the talent
⮚ Build the individual career path and emerging leaders
⮚ Design the framework for succession planning
Performance Management
⮚ Leading the performance management system across the company to achieve the goals of department and Company
⮚ Design the process for consistent periodic review and feedback
⮚ 360 degree analysis system
⮚ Lead the yearly process of employee compensation benefits
HR Operations
⮚ Oversee the operational activities of employee life cycle
⮚ Handle Employee Grievance
⮚ Strategies to retain the potential candidate
Employee Engagement
⮚ Design and create the employee inclusion programs
⮚ Culture and Diversity building
Reports & Dashboard
⮚ Periodic dashboard department and company wide
⮚ Reports and Data analysis

Education: MBA in HR
Work Experience: 12 to 15 years’ experience in handling talent management and OD

Other Requirements:
To liaise with different stake holders
Champion in communicating and implementing the company policy and processes
To establish the competence and build the trust

Skills & Competencies
Technical Skills
⮚ Knowledge in working on HRIS
⮚ Data Analytics
Soft Skills
⮚ Strong written and oral Communication
⮚ Excellent Leadership skills
⮚ Excellent Interpersonal Skills
⮚ People Management
⮚ Designing the system and processes
⮚ Critical thinking
Behavioral Traits
⮚ Positive Attitude
⮚ Fairness
⮚ Integrity




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