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Job ID: AnG – 1121




Team: Legal & Recovery
Purpose of Job:

To provide functional support to internal departments, Litigation
Management, Lease and Contract Management, Court and Police
Station Visits etc

Job Components/Responsibilities:

⮚ To handle specific Zone for Legal
⮚ Regular visit to Hubs
⮚ Review of Legal Recovery, Tracking every delinquent 90 +Account
⮚ Sit out of Hub Office and visit throughout their allocated regions every month based hub requirements
⮚ Visit Delinquent 90+ dpd customers along with RM- Sales,Recovery and Hub Manager and Strategize for PAR
Reduction as part of 90 + Joint Action Plan Team
⮚ Ensuring timely filing of Execution Petition on accounts where Arbitration Award is obtained
⮚ Issuance of Demand notice and timely filing of Complaints under section 138 of NI Act and PCR
⮚ Execution of S.17 and S.9 Orders and Repo of Hypothecated Collaterals
⮚ Prepare and draft formats / notices as may be required.
Legal support for recovery of bad debts through legal proceedings
⮚ Out of court settlement of recovery matters wherever possible with approval of internal authorities

Qualifications: ⮚ Degree in Law and Master Degree is an added advantage.
⮚ MS office

Other Requirements:
⮚ Deep knowledge in Civil & Criminal laws in relation financial aspects recovery, fraud, Arbitration including on Corporate laws.
⮚ To facilitate provision of all the basic legal support / other necessary legal advice required from time to time by the functional department in connection with lending by the
Company to the Borrowers or any other legal matters which come up in day-to- day business operation of the Company.
⮚ Legal support for branch expansion, registration etc.




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