Associate – Legal

Job Category: Accounts & Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai
Salary: 8-10LPA
Years of Experience: 5-10yrs

Key responsibilities –

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that the organization complies with all external regulatory requirements and internal
    policies. This involves understanding the regulatory landscape relevant to the organization, monitoring compliance, and
    implementing necessary changes to policies and procedures to maintain adherence.
  2. Legal Advisory: Providing legal guidance to various departments within the organization to mitigate risks and ensure
    that decision-making is informed by solid legal counsel. This may include advice on contracts, corporate governance, employment
    law, intellectual property, and other legal matters that affect the organization.
  3. Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating legal risks associated with the organization’s operations. This
    involves staying abreast of changes in laws and regulations that could impact the company and developing strategies to address
    these risks.
  4. Contract Negotiation and Management: Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts with clients, suppliers, and
    other third parties. The Legal and Compliance Officer ensures that all contracts comply with legal requirements and protect the

organization’s interests. Some of our most frequently used contracts would be NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), PPA (Power
Purchase Agreement), EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction contracts), Manpower Contracts.

  1. Training and Awareness: Conducting training sessions and disseminating information on compliance and legal matters
    to staff. This aims to raise awareness and understanding of compliance issues among employees and to foster a compliance
    culture within the organization.
  2. Incident Management and Reporting: Handling any legal or compliance issues that arise, such as breaches of
    regulation or compliance failures. This includes investigating incidents, reporting to regulatory bodies as required, and taking steps
    to prevent future occurrences.
  3. Data Protection and Privacy: Overseeing the organization’s data protection strategies, including compliance with data
    protection regulations. This responsibility encompasses ensuring the privacy and security of personal data and responding to any
    data breaches.
  4. Liaison with Regulators: Acting as the primary point of contact for regulatory bodies. This includes managing any
    regulatory inquiries, examinations, or audits and ensuring that the organization responds effectively to regulatory feedback.
  5. Acting as the primary contact for regulatory bodies related to debt and equity compliance matters.
  • Keeping senior management informed about debt compliance statuses and equity fundraising efforts, including potential risks
    and legal obligations.
  1. Liaison with outside legal and compliance counsel – Liasioning with outside legal counsel for litigation matter, trademark, company compliances and other matters as and when required.
  2. Policy Development and Implementation: Developing and updating policies to reflect changes in laws, regulations, and best
    practices. This also involves ensuring that these policies are implemented effectively within the organization.
    The overarching goal is always to safeguard the organization against legal and compliance risks, thereby protecting its reputation
    and ensuring its ongoing success.

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